Play House

In / Out Group Exhibition. Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. | 2019

Tapping on the themes of play, appropriation, and do-it-yourself used in her practice - Sabri uses cheap and found material to recreate a “Playhouse”.
With a wooden skeleton and metal mesh walls (built from everyday material found in DIY shops), and found material / recycled plastic bags to create walls to the structure.
The aim of the work is to create a simple play house, simply build, with found material.
Thus activating the conversation around play, recycling or reusing material, and DIY entertainment objects.
The concept is to recreate the much beloved play house we all know and love, something that is built by the general public, but can also be engaged with but the general public.
The aim of this installation is to argue for the importance of play and being proactive in creating entertainment in communities where government led interventions lack.

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